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When we started making our caramels, we wanted to bring back something that we enjoyed growing up as children. We put our minds but particularly hands (... yes, there were some burns) to the task of recreating the caramels made at home by our grandmothers and mothers. We wanted to bring the high quality products like the ones we have enjoyed when traveling to countries like Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and certainly in France, Spain, Italy, UK and America.

First, came the selection of ingredients. It was clear to us that we wanted to have a product that we would feel proud to share with friends.  We decided to have a small artisan production with no artificial flavors and preservatives.  If we wanted to remain true to best flavor and quality organic ingredients were a must, a you can tell it makes a big difference.

For our main flavors, we had so many ideas but we needed to focus our efforts on bringing the best sweet confectionery experience for our customers. We have a short list of high quality flavor. Each one of us in the family has his/her favorite but all made top marks:


1. Cinnamon Caramel:

We think this is a beautiful merge of the American and South American traditions. Caramel spread (particularly in Chile) will often have cinnamon as a main ingredient.  In the United States, cinnamon is in everything from pastry to coffee. The perfect merging of both culinary cultures.


2. Sea Salt Vanilla:

  A northern hemisphere flavor, sophisticated and truly evolved. We tried different salt flavors (but truth be told, it really does not alter flavor).  The key is in the right combination of the ingredients and the timing.


3. Café Latte:

This caramel flavor does not need much of an introduction, perfect blend of milk and cream with a light coffee touch.  A Café Latte in a caramel ready for you at any time of the day.


4. Vanilla Caramel:

 This is the classic, but with a twist. While most American caramels use butter as one of the main ingredients, we prefer cream. It is so much more flavorful, and at the same time less heavy. This is the classic recipe that you would find at Terra Australis.


5. Chocolate Dip


Best of two worlds, sea salt caramel and chocolate coming together in a luxurious blend, delicious from beginning to end.

We work hard in creating this luxurious blend, it took us a year to get to this treat that make us proud. Our traditional caramel receipt meets 56% cacao for the perfect decadent combination.


6. Maple Syrup Caramel

Maple Syrup caramel is a tradition in Canada and we thought this should make a perfect seasonal treat in the coming holiday season. We invite you to enjoy its earthy sweetness.


7. Prosecco Caramel

People has asked us about this flavor, is it nice? We think is one of the best flavors that we have created, sophisticated and sparkling taste. Right now is out of stock as we made it specially for Valentine's day but do not despair... 




We are working in other flavors some traditional some new but those are not quite there yet. Our promise is that we will not bring flavors forward until we are sure that each one of them will be truly a delicious treat.

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